Nibbage Covers

More than just a program!

It’s a souvenir, a keepsake, a holder of memories, a reference for the future.
It’s also rather gorgeous!

To date there have been two official issues of Nibbage, the “pilot episode” published for the 2024 Philly Pen Show and the limited/special edition published for the 2024 Chicago Pen Show.

While subjective, it’s safe to say that the covers of both issues were stunning. Nibbage intends to continue publishing covers that do not suck.

With thirty-two-plus pages of earth-shattering content, every issue of Nibbage demands a Table of Contents. The page also contains credits, contact information, and plenty of room for autographs.

Nibbage Show Schedule Pages

Show schedule information never seems to be handy when you need it. Enter Nibbage. With Nibbage by your side, you’ll always have access to the mundane yet essential show details that are important to you.

Nibbage Cast Pages

All shows have large casts of vendors and exhibitors. With Nibbage, you’ll not only ensure that you don’t accidentally miss a vendor you hoped to see (it happens), but you’ll have a record of the vendors to take home. Feel free to make notes right on the pages of Nibbage – the paper is fountain pen friendly.

Nibbage Centerfold Pages

When ballroom layout and vendor table assignments are known in advance, expect to find a map of the show within the pages of Nibbage. When mapping information is not available, look for other interesting items, like a two-page spread of someone’s inky journal. (The centerfold of Nibbage for the 2024 Chicago Pen Show featured pages from one of Azizah Asgarali’s aka Gourmet Pens’ many, many, oh-so-many notebooks.)

Nibbage Seminar Pages

Most pen shows offer seminars, workshops, panel discussions, meet-up opportunities, and more. With Nibbage, you can easily keep track of the who, what, when, and where of the mayhem. Short bios of the seminar/workshop presenters are also commonly featured.

Nibbage Show Calendar and Top Ten Pages

So many shows, so little time. See the More Shows page in Nibbage and make some plans!

Be sure to check-out the Top Ten list in every issue of Nibbage! Already published were the Top Ten Pen Show Activities and the Top Ten Reasons to Buy That Pen! Expect future lists to be equally life-changing.

Nibbage Local Eateries Pages

Because man cannot live on pens alone, you’ll find a list of local eateries in the Let’s Eat page(s) of Nibbage.

Nibbage Autograph Pages

And perhaps the most popular of all Nibbage pages (no perhaps about it, very popular), the Autographs spread. Show attendees take great delight in asking friends to write a few words to commemorate the show (very much like a school yearbook) and soliciting autographs from their favorite pen community personalities.

In this image, the inset shows the Autographs page from a well-loved copy of Nibbage from the 2024 Philly Pen Show. Such terrific memories!