Nibbage offers value-priced advertising options that provide invaluable marketing benefits.

Our readers are your customers. It’s one thing to have a table or tables at a pen show, it’s another to be specifically remembered long after the show has concluded.

One thousand copies of Nibbage will be distributed to attendees of the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show. Non-scientific studies, i.e., stuff I just made up, show that more than 91% of pen show attendees view Nibbage as both an important keepsake and as a resource for the future.

All pen show vendors are listed in Nibbage along with their table locations (and websites when available). This information jogs memories far into the future when trying to recall a table or vendor where a specific item had been seen. It also facilitates direct contact and communication for years to come.

Additionally, most attendees collect signatures and good wishes on the Autograph pages within Nibbage, very much like a school yearbook, making the program all the more valuable to its owner.

In short, Nibbage is retained long-term by pen show attendees and therefore provides extended exposure to its advertisers.

A limited number of advertising spaces are available in the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show issue of Nibbage.

All ad spaces are Full Page Spaces (5.5″ x 8.5″).
All ad spaces are on Left-Side pages.
There is one two-page spread available; the Inside Back Cover plus the facing Left-Side Full Page.

Ad Rates for vendors with confirmed tables at the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show:

  • Inside Front Cover: $150
  • Facing the Table of Contents: $125
    • Random Left-Side Full Page: $100
    • Inside Back Cover plus Facing Left-Side Full Page (two page spread): $275
    • The back cover full-page ad space may already be spoken for (agreement pending), but might become available at a cost of $400.

    Please note that the above rates apply only to vendors/exhibitors with confirmed vendor tables at the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show. Rates for Non-2025 Philadelphia Pen Show vendors are exactly double the above rates.

    If you would like to discuss the possibility of advertising, please email me at:

    I look forward to working with you,


    Eric Orozco
    Philadelphia Pen Show

    Download the Nibbage Media Kit